Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Azam Nawarwi

Azam Nawarwi

The Third Place

Creating opportunities for adolescents and young adult cancer survivors through architecture to mitigate psychosocial problems.

Adolescence and young adults are at a vulnerable stage where they are trying to find a sense of identity, independence, financial freedom and community and by having cancer into the picture, this breaks their ability to do so.

As cancer treatment improves, the rate of new cancer patients being diagnosed also increases which include adolescents and young adults. But compared children and adults, adolescents and young adults face problems that are unique to them which can lead to stress and trauma and leads to psychosocial issues.


The Third Place is an exploration of mitigating these psychosocial problems through architecture by understanding the value and quality of spaces of programs and services that are needed to cater to these problems.