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Bryce Lamers

Bryce Lamers

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Hey Darling!

Surrounded by a dying Ecosystem the people of Wilcannia have been doing it tough for many years. The Barkindji, the Aboriginal people of the land, literally translating to “People of the River’ are in their Native land with no river. Due to severe maladministration, corruption, illegal irrigation and made worse by climate change and frankly a disrespectful attitude, the current state of Australia’s largest river, The Murray-Darling is on track to becoming the worst environmental disaster in Australian history, and what makes it worse, is it could have been prevented.

For many years protests, petitions, marches, blockades and cries for help have been heard from the people along the Barka (Darling River), while being told to trust the Government, they are hear to help, investigations have brought to light many disturbing truths surrounding this land, and as cliched as it is, it seems to be for profit. It wasn’t until an investigation by ABC’s Four Corners in 2017 that led to allegations of water theft, maladministration and corruption within the area. Two years later and much more death and destruction to this ecosystems led to a Royal Commission inquiry that will hopefully bring around political change for the area. But what about the people? The people who have suffered through these times, lost everything, these people deserve better, we deserve better!