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University of Newcastle Master of Architecture, 2019. The student projects, events and awards from the highly regarded design studio supported by six AIA gold medal professors in architectural practice.


Augmented Alchemy speaks to the process, us as designers and architects go through in every design. The magical process that starts from nothing but an idea. Through research our knowledge of our chosen subject areas are increased, allowing for a transformation of an idea to a creation.

Once again in 2019, the Newcastle Graduate Exhibition will show in both Newcastle and Sydney with the grand opening occurring in Sydney, followed by the grand finale in Newcastle. Full event details are still being finalised

Mid Year Event - Newcastle



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Master of Architecture students from the University of Newcastle invite you to sponsor the MoA 2019 exhibition, entitled Augmented Alchemy

The exhibition is part of a 30 year tradition where students’ work is displayed for members of the architectural profession and construction industry, community representatives and general public. With your support we would like to share with you our projects, ideas and visions for the built environment and celebrate the end of our university lives and the beginning of a professional career within architecture.

In return for your sponsorship we are offering advertising opportunities during the exhibition, as well as on print media that is associated with the exhibition. This will include invitations to the exhibition sent to architectural practices within Newcastle and Sydney, contacts within the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University and members of Local Governments.



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