Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Janani Permchand

Janani Permchand

On the Edge 

While cities are the work of man, landscapes are the work of nature. They embody time. They record history and narrate stories of the life of our planet. Dramatic landscapes have always played their part in evoking transcendental thoughts in human beings as we reflect and realise our place in the living nature. The feeling of being in the presence of forces beyond our control heightens our appreciation of time and the landscape.

Anywhere in the world coastlines are dynamic landscapes where the basic elements of nature meet, shape and co-exist with each other. It is threshold of the two vastly different habitats and in itself is a place unlike any other. 

The East coast of Booderee national park in the Jervis Bay territory is a sculpture in progress - made, eroded and sustained by the forces of nature. Water, with its subtle changes in mood, shapes various locations within the park differently. The park protects coastal dune systems and their associated habitats which are otherwise disturbed or potentially threatened in the larger bioregion. The area is scientifically valuable as it has not undergone the degradation that similar coastal sites (such as those surrounding Sydney) have suffered and Jervis Bay is registered as a type locality for many marine invertebrates and algal habitats.  ’On the Edge’ seeks to study and embrace these myriad facets of the Jervis Bay coast through architecture by creating a series of follies in the landscape to provoke, stimulate a feeling for the place and witness the wild beauty of nature, at its purest.