Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Jason Kuan

Jason Kuan

Lotus Academy

We can only change the world together as communities, and communities are the sum of their relationships with one another.

In a country vulnerable to poverty and exploitation, the Lotus Academy combines the typology of a school and a community centre to educate the young and develop the people of Chiro village, a rural community in central Cambodia. It presents a bespoke learning and natural environment where the children learn, the community flourishes, and a positive level of well-being conceived.

This project will challenge (and heighten) my perception of architecture for vulnerable and developing communities.


Jason Kuan

Organisation for Basic Training #2

Organisation for Basic Training (OBT) is a non-profit organization that provides free education to the rural community of Chiro Village in central Cambodia.

The proposal aspires to provide a safe and sustainable educational facility, increase the community's capacity to build and be involved with future developments. Architecturally, it aims to create a dialogue between contemporary techniques and local vernacular knowledge and themes.

The project strives to dissolve a relevant and human architecture in a compassionate manner, through an understanding of a specific culture and it's people.