Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Lillian Shaddock

Lillian Shaddock

Memento Mori Architecture

The theme of death will inevitably be encountered by every person at some point in their lives. It is a basic human concern and recurs in every culture in every period of history, however the fact that we die is not what is important but how we face death.

 In the past century our ability to address death, particularly in Western culture has completely diminished. Death is increasingly being removed from our lives enabling our inability to confront it. It has become taboo and as a result the art of expressing death has suffered deeply. It has been torn out of the urban fabric of our cities and part of the city has died as a result through the destruction of a layer of history and consciousness.

 My project aims to address society’s deteriorated relationship with death by proposing a new death-related architectural typology inspired by traditional Aboriginal philosophy to create a meaningful place of storytelling and ritual in order to repair the way we deal with loss and bring life back into death.