Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Marnie Davies

Marnie Davies

Marnie Davies

Newcastle Aerodrome

“The airport is a kind of hybrid space, one for which there are no conceptual frameworks”

- Mark Gottdiener

We have all experienced the ordeal of air travel. It begins from the moment we set out from the city en route to the airport and it only continues once we’ve reached the terminal. This process alone is enough to make anyone shudder at the thought of having to experience it again, but why should this be the norm?

Newcastle Aerodrome is a modern interpretation on the traditional airport. It seeks to breakdown the conventional and reconstruct it to form a new architecture which places an emphasis on the personal experience, rather than the destination.

Newcastle is a rapidly growing city in both its resident and tourism numbers however, current access to and from the city is next to none. This project reuses and reimagines the site of the current Newcastle Airport, to help to establish the vitality of the Newcastle Aerodrome in the future growth of the city.