Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Michi Playford

Tom Dufficy

Michi PLayford

Reinventing Density

On the outskirts of South West Sydney, an explosion of suburban development is currently occurring. With Badgery’s Creek airport in the pipeline, this is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW, and there’s little to prevent once pristine agricultural land being cleared irreversibly in favour of new housing developments.

Located in Menangle, NSW, ‘Reinventing density’ challenges the traditional suburban development model by adopting a co-housing framework driven by user-funded, user-oriented design. Rather than being focused on yield, the brief is formed on the basis of community goals and aspirations, prioritising design over profit.

 Based on ecological principles and informed by vernacular architecture, the proposal seeks to re-establish a connection to the town’s agricultural past, creating opportunities for tourism and employment. In addition to this, the proposal aims to provide new social infrastructure to foster a greater sense of community and integrate the proposed housing with the existing township of Menangle.