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Tom Byard

Tom Byard

Gwalwa Daraniki "Our Land"

1979, 301 hectares at Kulaluk in suburban Darwin was returned to Bobby Secretary and his people, to be held by the Gwalwa Daraniki Association in trust. As a result of eight years of a struggle for land rights for Darwin's Larrakia people, the 301ha Kulaluk Lease Area was granted as Special Purpose Lease 465 with an open membership. However, the land has become alienated from many of the Larrakia people and the membership is now only a few. Few people seem to be aware of the priceless gift a small group of dedicated men and women have left to the City of Darwin.

After years of developers and the NT Government bombarding the underequipped association with questionable deals, the sites landscape has been left with multiple failed economic scars. If looked at in a more manageable scale to empower the Gwalwa Dariniki Association and move away from leasing to big business consumers of the land, the association can become responsible producers from the land.

An economy through country, a social enterprise that celebrates the production, sale and exhibition of goods from the land of Kulaluk. Using the site for everyone, as the freedom fighters of the 70’s envisioned it.

Gwalwa Daraniki “Our Land”