Master of Architecture - University of Newcastle

Wong Ho Hin

Wong Ho Hin

Stress X Depression X Social Stigma: The blueprint of Healing Wonderland on rooftop of the stressful city

In the age of society over-stimulation and overconsumption, we find it harder and harder to handle the stress that comes with the ever-shifting survival requirements that over our lives. Feelings of insecurity and alienation feel like a shadow to follow us all the time, which affect an increasing number of people unable to handle the stress and anxiety that occur with consuming social roles. In Hong Kong, since people nowadays have had constantly improve their own technology and social skills are faced with changing social-political norms.

Hong Kongers are affected by multiple stressors caused mental health to be drawn down (psychasthenia), especially the group of grass-roots citizens, often times resulting in faulty coping mechanisms. This put forth a question of can architecture have a positive influence of the mental health on the distorted city. What approach can we implement in order to break these patterns?

The aim of this research project is the exploration of how architecture can be of aid in healing stress, how can trigger off the mutual complementary when we put the existing social problems together in this place, to help people cope with anxiety by promoting physical and mental health. The research will carry out for this thesis aims to identify a set of principles and design criteria including facilities planning, spatial arrangement, light, material texture, as guidelines that will be used to create a healing space for the urbanites who suffer into anxiety and depression. The methodology includes exploring which particular-city causes in this place trigger the stress-relevant issues and how the area can be managed by themselves through therapy and dedication.